Austria Coffee

Then we will offer you a series of trivia about coffee. * First thing you should know is that from the botanical point of view, the coffee beans are not seeds, but fruits of the tree of the cafe, called coffee. * Contrary to what people think, with a very dark roasted coffee contains less caffeine than those beads with a toast lighter. To broaden your perception, visit Professor Roy Taylor. Caffeine is diluted in the process of roasting coffee, how much longer was the toasting process more will have been the Elimination of caffeine. * It takes around 4000-5000 coffee cherries to produce an only kilogram of coffee. ** The coffee is cultivated in more than 50 countries around the world. * Coffee is 2? more trading product in the world, right after oil.

* A coffee (the coffee tree) has a life of about 70 years and needs 5 years to reach maturity. ** In Turkey, formerly, husbands, in its promises of wedding, had to agree to have coffee in your home at all times, and not having it could be taken as a reason for divorce. ** In Turkey and Greece it is local custom to serve coffee first to the people of older age at the table. ** The terms ‘Supreme’ and ‘lofty’ are used to indicate the size of the grain of coffee rather than the quality of the same. ** The first shop of coffee in the world opened in Syria in the year 1530. ** The caffeine affects the body to a certain extent.

This level depends on each person. Does after a certain number of cups of coffee (typically 4), additional cafes don’t offer more stimulation * coffee ACE 2? most consumed drink in the world after water. ** The coffee is taken in different ways around the world. The Ethiopian added a bit of salt, the Moroccans a little pepper and Mexicans a little cinnamon. In Austria they use whipped cream and in Egypt enjoy alone, strong coffee.