Beautiful Building

\”So the roof can be covered: elegant individually with old German and wild cover, and cheaper with scales cover and modern with universal and rectangle cover the proverbial little black dress\” is a timelessly elegant piece of clothing that is there also for the own roof: A roof in Slate spread as much grace and elegance as a dark dress or a suit. This begins with the colour: depending on the position of the Sun and light refraction the stone appears but always exclusive even in anthracite, times in greyish-blue. Hereupon the client has however not influence the shape of its roof but can he get measure tailors. About two dozen different deck types are available, there are almost no architectural limits. Whether straight lines, curves, playful shapes everything can be realised with slate. The experts of, the leading Internet portal for builders around the topic of roof, will introduce the six most common variants. Old German cover: Classic old German cover is traditional, the original Partitially for slate. Roofers call this the Queen\”has with the high technical requirements: different width and high stones are combined to form a single roof.

Starts the sorted deck stones amount at the eaves with the largest. The cover tapers to the first down. The cover can be done from right to left or left to right. The result is unique in any case: no old German cover succeed as one other, the roof is a real unique individually. So not enough: The viewer stands out, how alive is a slate roof from different stone sizes. Wild cover: individually also wild cover is high technical skill required. Only the best Schieferdecker have mastered this art. Because the piece slate stones are this trim piece by piece by hand and brought in their form adapted to the cover image. The result is an always individual, very \”exceptional Optics: the roof is wild\”, since the draft is not uniform, but has an irregular structure.