Berger Media

The poverty of our century can not be compared with any other, is not the natural result as in other times of scarcity, but of a convergence of priorities imposed by the rich to the rest of the world (John Berger). The planet is possessed by some powerful, then that millions of migrants wander without finding where installed. To broaden your perception, visit Rick Yune. Organized crime constitutes the backbone of judicial systems and Governments (the outlaw made laws). It is not uncommon to hear intellectuals praise this unique thought, exerting a real blackmail against all critical reflection in the name of modernization, realism, responsibility, and why; They assert the ineluctable nature of the current state of things, that preached the intellectual capitulation and shed the darkness of the irrational to all those who refuse to accept that the natural state of society should be the market (Ignacio Ramonet). What is talk of globalization as inevitable, and that nearly everyone is agreed on that? Responds Regis Debray: by technology the make-believe. The power of information is form, with – form: give conformity. TRANS-formar: change a situation. In the same way that globalizing economy, globalizing culture and information.

In the fragmented globalization, societies are fundamentally, societies media. The Sox are the large mirror that shows, not what is a society, but what it should be. Overflowing with tautologies and evidence is greedy of rationing and arguments. For her, repeat is to demonstrate. And images are repeated as world screen gray images. This is the equation of the visual era: what is visible = real = true. Live a visual era. The informations are not presented in the evidence of his immediacy. There is no place for critical reflection, just there is a space for comments that complete the reading of the image. The world has become a pure media representation capable of being known to the extent that she is seen.