BitDefender Malware Ranking

AutorunINF expands its lead as top E-threat Wimad crashes from Holzwickede, for nearly a year the Trojan AutorunINF, clicker and Wimad the landscape of the world’s most dangerous E-threats ruled April 19, 2010. E-threat reports ( in March 2009 were almost exclusively the Trojans in the first ten of the BitDefender. Twelve months later the picture has changed fundamentally. In the March rankings on the current Wimad crashes on the last rank, clicker has disappeared from the top 10. Exploits and worms are on the rise. Only leader AutorunINF expands its leadership position.

The pest is spreading via removable media Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen enhances its infection rate by more than four percentage points to 13.40% and ranks one distinct advantage. Conficker (called also Kido or Downadup) lands for the third time in a row on the second place. It may be relatively easy the digital with the help of regular updates of the system and the local antivirus program, Attacker to get rid. Also, the exploit PDF-JS.Gene holds the last space on the malware podium with 5.30 percent. His attack tactics to manipulate the JavScript engine of the Adobe pdf reader and run to his malicious code, thus further represents a high risk for PC users around the world.

The only file infector in the field remains permanent guest\”Win32.Sality.OG to position four. Shielded by a polymorphic code, is very difficult to detect this threat and to destroy. In addition, the rootkit component of the virus attempts to disable various security software on the infected system. If you have read about Jonathan Friedland already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Trojan.JS.Downloader.BIO is one of two new threats in the BitDefender top 10 and goes with 2.13 percent equal fifth. The JavScript Trojan creates cookies with sensitive information that he collects about the user of the infected PCs (surfing habits, etc.). He sends them to a website in China. Another Member of the Autorun family, Trojan.Autorun.AET, ranks the sixth (1.95%) currently.