Stairs to the Bolza comfortable, durable and lightweight, saves space . Furthermore, such ladders is convenient to repair: If one of the steps is damaged, it can be easily removed without affecting neighbors. Since the stairs to the Bolza no lateral beams, corners, niches, dusty, they are easy to ubirat.Lestnitsy Bolza not as luxurious as the stairs to the Kosourov. And because of the apparent ease of this type of ladder impression of less strong and stable, although in fact they are absolutely reliable and bezopasny.Lestnitsy on Bolza give greater opportunities to designers. You can make them from wood and steel, and glass, steel and stone, and t.d.V Unlike the stairs to the outside Kosourov, the stairs to the Boltzmann system of fixing the invisible steps.

It looks easy and transparent, although each step can withstand the weight of freight cars – 1800 kg. Thanks to its airy stairway Ideal for city apartments, it takes up little space and does not darken the room. The third type of stairs – a design in which stages are arranged around the central pole and does not require additional support or anchorage. This design is applied to the device spiral staircases. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted on this topic. Another layer of stairs – a stairway with wrought fence. Wrought fence can also be very different, this fence finished elements and the fence made entirely by hand, of course the price of such ladders differ very much Let us dwell on another interesting compact design stairs with the so-called variable ('goose') step. Its set in if there is no space for the stairs. Stairs with a 'goose-step' non-standard form – they are 'full' could fit only one foot is feet. At first glance, this option seems not very convenient, but it's just an impression. In fact, the shape and size of steps taken in the light of the normal human step when climbing, descending. Before you apply for a ladder decide which ladder you want – open or closed, what material, but it's better to turn to professionals, because among other things, the ladder must be safe, and most importantly.