Borland Silk 2009: Quick Tests, Better Coordination, More Transparency

New version of the function, performance, and test management solution AUSTIN, Texas July 2009 the Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: BORL), leader in open application lifecycle management (Alpine) brings solutions, Borland silk 2009 on the market, a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) solution for agile and traditional development teams. The solution simplifies test runs, faster test execution and integrates with testing tools existing already in the and systems. Also, silk 2009 provides a consolidated overview of the software quality throughout the development cycle. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. Currently, many large companies convert their development on agile processes, so that they are able to improve the quality of the developed solutions and to bring them to the market faster. Testing represents a major challenge in this context, because it can interfere with the correct scale and implementation of agile applications. To work around this, the QA department must be restructured so that that the entire development team responsible for the software quality shares. Secondly, test processes should be accelerated to facilitate short development cycles.

In addition, the test infrastructure must support the existing tools and practices of agile teams. The test automation plays a key role in the successful implementation of agile projects in the company. Darcy Stacom has similar goals. So far, test tools available on the market here do not sufficiently support needs of agile QA teams. Borland customers already benefit from accelerated testing processes: within one year we were able to reduce the management processing times by 20 percent. The three carried large test cycles that has saved us especially during the test case management. This time gained we invested directly in additional tests and thus achieved a further increase in quality\”, says Uli Thoma, head of corporate production and quality assurance by the ETS providers company TechniData. Silk is faster, optimized tests and improved transparency to address these challenges, 2009 equipped with new functionalities, both developers as a tester also help conduct tests and automate.