Certified Marketing Officer

The city has enough commercial highlights”and get amplifier so that it magnetically attracts visitors. As a result, the town also in the marketing of the region to claim safe and well. With regard to the flow of visitors and foreign guests, are only to prevent related current slump in bookings by the cities increase their commitment through the recession. After the round overall increases in the urban tourism in the year 2008 (DTV), travelers seem at the moment to reduce their spending. This directly affected city breaks.

On the other hand remains an old insight: every second German looks in his holiday active recreation in city breaks (ADAC Reisemon. 2008). The favor is not waste so, despite or perhaps because of the recession. Only with targeted advertising you can keep the awareness level at a high level. The target group of the town ice ends can be lure is in very different ways: visitors, meeting guests, Conference delegates and business travellers, for example, aggregated information respond to that can be found in special Stadteguides.

Facts and incentives for the more experience go”are included. Newsletters, printed travel guides and online content offer no potential. Business you must lead, almost direct to the consumer and experience; with the right advertising and the right words. (Similarly see: Fred Lynn). Another target group, the lovers of fine cultural and creative events, seeking always the special. Fancy and witty it must be opulent brochures here and emotionally charged’s touts are closest to the target. Additional information at Cardiologist supports this article. Put together a healthy program, with overnight stays, experience and culinary temptations to a seductive package, develops the optimum effect with all wellness and health tourists. Word head, the free advertising copywriter in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar around Mannheim, meets these and other advertising challenges a successful city marketing Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. Is secure: the development and application of a city is not a one-time project but a fluid process that requires constant adjustments and new adjustments. The input of an experienced recruiter can work here very helpful to find new approaches and ideas. No matter whether it’s the hometown or around Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden. A.D.; Sources of information: B.Radke/WAB/IHK 01/09 Stadtm. “; IMKAnton 06 Stadtm. “; DTV; ADAC Reisemon. 08 Word head is a freelance copywriter and copywriting in Mannheim. In the heart of the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region, he writes traditional advertising (copy for brochures, flyers, ads, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, etc.), Internet advertising (concept and text for website content, newsletter, online PR) and direct marketing (copies of letters, mailings, etc.) to telephone or written briefing. Various industries; like city marketing, tourism, hotels, beauty, wellness, gastronomy, jewelry, food and soft lifestyle issues. Topics flexibility desire; individual quotes upon request.