Children And Self-Abuse

That may contribute to the emergence of self-abuse in children? The emergence of self-abuse in children may contribute to the following factors:-diaper rash causing itching. – Worms – choker – neglect or vice versa, too Awesome hygiene – spanking and whipping, there is a rush of blood to the genital area and stimulates excitement – an imitation of a senior child – the emotional coldness parent – feeding force. If parents are forced to feed the child, it can lead to aversion to food. Thus, the child ceases to have the pleasure of eating and include other sensitive areas of the body. Zone mucosa of lips and mouth are very closely related to the genital area. If the first "silent", that is excited by the second. Baby begins to touch the genitals.

If this all continues long enough, turns into a pathological habit. How parents react to the manifestations of masturbation in children? If you suddenly found your child for masturbation, do not stomp your feet, scream, curse of the child. If the baby is very small, you can simply switch its attention not focusing on what he just did. Do not fix the attention on masturbation. Distract him with something, usually masturbation is a brief episode and the period of puberty, it remains only a vague memories. Do not abuse or intimidate the kid.

With school-age child can talk quietly, without threats. Let him know that not blame him, and that's okay. The child is often not understand the meaning of punishment, he there is a feeling that if he does something bad, that means it's bad. This could rise privestik barrier between the child and parents, as well as to the complexes. Naladte trusting relationship with your child and try understand why. Try to pay more attention to the child. Feel free to its more caress, kiss and praise him. Do not scold him especially with strangers. Do not wear clothes on the child closely. Ensure health child, avoid chafing and irritation in the genital area. If you feel that your child is pathological masturbation, consult a specialist.