Quanta joy, quanta sadness lives in a short space of time. How many tears had rolled in my face, that since infancy suffered the weight from a complex and full existence. Many conquests had also been part of this evolutivo process. Closely I cannot say that my life is more or less of what of the others that are my return. I can confirm that I am different a difference that influence constantly in my life. I am a being that fights and searchs to live ' ' well viver' ' , constructing a clear and objective vision of this world.

I am not a great writer and very exactly it has dom or the technique of the writing, however I have feelings which I search transforms them into poetical arguments. In the cycle of the existence I am a sonhador that never does not give up. Many had been to the doors that if had closed, but had the certainty that many others would open. The persecutions had been many, however it survives the unjust inquisitions. I made many friends and in way to these friends I found beings that had helped me to follow face. I cannot deny that I felt the pain of ungratefulness that dilacerou for many times my heart.

In great parts of I only felt me to the life exactly in way has a multitude, that he judged and always he denied me my skill of being. That pain felt in those cold dawns where the sleeplessness it consumed me. In the dawn of the life it could not leave to say of those loved beings that had left without saying good bye. Impulse was always my ally, how many they had been to the times that said yes without thinking, however was happy. My dreams had not been depleted and thus I go following without denying what I always defended and I can I believe that the flag of the difference I go to fix in the top of the world. I will be yes judgeship, condemned and even though tortured, but I will die nailing my ideals. Human being is a huge responsibility and I pride to be part of this group that can yes change the world. I have little age, however alive a daily one of many years that are really a constant mark in my day the day. With much joy I confess that to exist he was magnificent, but to exist in the life of the other was a learning. To love fully is my paper and knows that everything in the end will give certain if it still did not give certain is why my end did not arrive.