A real innovative product for those who want more. Finally on the cards and as an app to backup. We know him long, the small bar code with its huge information potential. Now, there’s hardly a shopping article without bar code, hardly a flight ticket, a chip card or a magazine. The coding fields are simply scanned and stored information is already decrypted. And he is small and yet so large just 3 x 3 cm. This QR code in black and white fits on each card and makes the impossible possible at last. It is the company, the second largest online printing of Europe, which offers this sensational product: the small code allows a data set that would have never found space on a traditional business card.

In addition to name and address data, now short portraits and photos are possible. Here, Ellen Alaverdyan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The card remains spick-and-span and appealing, conveys but surprisingly many valuable information. An indispensable added value in the age of global networking and multimedia Communication. No more annoying typing of the contact information in the phone. Quickly download the free LogiCode app to scan the LogiCode of the card and all data in the directory are already taken. What hides behind it is actually quite simple. The LogiCode is nothing more than an encrypted message.

It contains exactly the data that deposited the owner when you create in. In addition to basic address information, even a photo or logo, as well as a short description are possible. All without any cost. The best part: If change once a phone number or similar should be no problem: you can at any time change its personal LogiCode or complete, and all who have so far transferred this code in your Smartphone, be notified with the next Internet connection. In case of theft or change of desired cell phone provided all data always for its owner.