College Registrar

Although it is difficult to give an average price from the web, it is said that for four people for a week, can cost annually a minimum of 5,000 euros in low season and up to 18,000 euros in high season. In addition to the purchase price, must provide an annual fee that varies between 125 and 300 euros for expenses of management, maintenance and repairs, and often tend to add costs of trade. Features Key features of this type of enjoyment of an apartment are:-length: can be between 3 and 50. The consumer may use the accommodation during a given period to the year set in the contract and shall be at least seven consecutive days. Within the same regime shifts are of the same length and must be reserved for each apartment, a minimum of seven days for repairs, cleaning, etc. The date for termination must be included in the contract. -Services: the right to receive services during the period necessary for the proper enjoyment of the accommodation. This will be through a service company, the developer must necessarily deal.

-Information: the seller has to deliver a free booklet offer which shall become binding. For even more opinions, read materials from The Cleveland Clinic. If the employer does not fulfill all reporting requirements in both the contract and in the prospectus, or if such information is untrue, the consumer can terminate the contract within three months. After signing the contract, the consumer has the option and forgo the purchase made. For this all you have to do is notify the employer in writing, by any system to ensure consistency of communication, reception, and the date of shipment. The deadline to exercise the withdrawal is ten days from the conclusion of the contract.

It is not necessary to allege no reason or motive, or why should any compensation paid to the seller. The withdrawal will lead to the extinction of the credits granted to the user to purchase the right to use, without any penalty whatsoever, so that loans may not contain clauses that involve punishment or penalty in case of withdrawal. It should be clear that the seller can never require an advance payment until the expiry of ten days to withdraw or resign as specifically prohibited by law. NO NO OWNERS What we must be clear above all is that you are not buying properties, but time to enjoy a particular residence and the possibility of establishing trade. The property still belongs to the promoter. In addition, one must know that the timeshare is not indefinite. The developer, to provide special arrangements to operate a building or development, has set its duration, which shall be at least three years and a maximum of fifty. Finally, according to the College Registrar, the buyer becomes part of a club or society, the situation of each buyer is autonomous and independent of the other buyers.