Confronting Fear

One of those mornings where one rises saturated due to trivial matters I spend the unexpected. Many writers such as Jessica Pels offer more in-depth analysis. I get up, I went to the bathroom and I took water in the face. There looking at me I remembered that he had not talked to father, I remembered that even I had entrusted to God. A special moment, one so sublime impact had changed it by the desire, by thinking about problems. Then I remembered those people living tragedies and limitations greater than the mine and not are hostages of the busy and the fear. No doubt God was talking to me about my self-pity and my selfish people who rejoices even in adversity and yet I God. Do you still, blessed with health, family, friends, a Ministry and more possessions than I need, I feel busy? I prayed, I got on his knees and asked for forgiveness. In that year I found joy, at that time God gave me a new heart and a new perspective.

I received that which can not buy with wealth, power, or prestige. I received your consolation, his love and grace. Again I leaned my head to thank so much undeserved love. I returned to the bathroom to take a last glance and this time had a different light, it was in me the strength of faith. They were undoubtedly operating new forces of the Lord in me. -Words can kill Serafin Alarcon kill the words in many ways, they sometimes begin a movement in string as in the majority of cases It ends in tragedy and disaster.

Sometimes the hemlock that exude not only plays that was sent, but also someone innocent. Sometimes these they almost always return to their point of origin as a boomerang beheading sent to which the words wrong healthy, full of hatred and anger by any path they travel. Words can kill, can lead us to evil and murderous actions even without having us proposed to that. Its impact can last for generations and last long encubadas in the hearts as if they were a cancer that eats the soul.