Customer Service

Customer Service is imperative. The University of Chicago does not necessarily agree. Do not you love when you call a company and that rather than suspense, leaving to listen to their latest on-hold, recorded sales pitch, over and over again. Do you think that the normal business practice for an employee of a retail store to ask him to “wait a minute” while they disappeared into the back of the store for ten, fifteen, thirty minutes or more? People do things on the phone they would never do in person. It is a bad deal in any way to leave a client without at least hung back to let the customer know how much longer they will have. 2) How rude to a customer. As the saying goes, even if the customer is wrong, the customer is always right. There is never any reason to get rude to a customer. If a customer gets rude with you, to blow off steam and remember that their behavior is not an attack on his person. Get more background information with materials from Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Always keep in mind that while you remain calm and in control, you can go to the reason behind the customer anger. 3) Ignoring a problem. Ignoring the customer’s problem will not disappear. The same is true of the fixes work for the company but not for the customer. Some clients have problems with a service or product that does not fit neatly into any category. These are problems that need special attention, not standard responses. Too many companies ignore this and try to use the “one size fits all” method of resolving complaints.

Companies need to realize that its policy should be adjusted to customer needs, not vice versa. 4) Making the leap from customers through hoops for a refund or exchange. I recently had to return a product to a national bookstore chain. Before the clerk refunded me, asked me all sorts of personal information. I refused to give this information. I explained that I had not given this information when I made the original purchase and not see the purpose of giving out to get my money refunded. After 15 minutes and visit the store manager, who finally relented and gave me my refund. The waiting time in line, plus the time to get my refund, adding up to 20 minutes. The company lost 20 minutes of time from a client, all in the effort to obtain information. If you have time to ignore your customer to put together a marketing profile that is defeating his long-term goal of marketing, which is to maintain a satisfied customer base that makes repeat purchases.