There are people who have undergone east upheaval with other names. But it appears like so for the first time in 1980 in DSM III, like a global category that allows to reunite an ample set of specific estresores, between which they are the neurosis military, the syndrome of the trauma of the violation, the syndrome of the concentration camps or the syndrome of survival. These can be typical situations, but they are not the unique ones. In fact, with DSM III R, published seven years later, the same concept changes because it is evident that the original definition suffers from subjectivity problems, since is not clear what can be " habitual frame of the experience humana" , and of vagueness, since the exhibition to common estresores also can be markedly angustiante for the majority of the people. For more information see Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Again, with the publication of DSM IV in 1994, the emphasis changes of the traumatic event to the reaction of the person. Indeed, a same event can suppose a great estresora load for a subject and event of little importance for another one, based on variables that depend on the own individual, like their history, the relative importance of the event in their personal life, its resources, their social support, its perception of psychological humiliation, its characteristics of personality, their beliefs, or their major or minor capacity of adaptation to means. In summary, the emotional system has a limit, and when it is surpassed there are problems. The changes of articles of incorporation that are lived at the moment, by very normative that is, can produce situations that happen in overflowing events for the people. The deprivation of rank and privileges does not suppose the same for which it is accustomed temporary works as for somebody whose life is tie one hundred percent to the company. Neither the same supposes divorce for person implied in his marriage and that pair loves his, his home and his children, that in the same way stops another one to which any familiar entailment is to him indifferent, that does not suppose the same the death of a companion for a hardened a soldier to fire professional soldier who stops a recruit.