English Beach

Why is a language worth to Miami! Were you ever make a language course in the United States? South Beach languages is a privately-run school in Miami Beach, Florida, United States, which offers English and Spanish language courses. Just a few metres from the kilometre-long sandy beach, two blocks from the famous Miami ocean drive is the English language school of South Beach languages. The language school offers courses in English and Spanish. Which is taught in small groups, where the teachers teach in their native language, held. There are courses for all levels from beginners-English courses and TOEFL preparation courses for visiting a University in the United States.

The management of South Beach languages is deliberately small. This guarantees very low prices. A comparison with other English language courses are worth. Greg Dennan, the owner of South Beach languages offers specials for 2010 special language courses: E.g. budweiss in a stay be each morning from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 13:30 h English intensive courses offered. Afternoon events such as volleyball, guided shopping tours, admissions, or even a joint afternoon on the beautiful sands of Miami Beach will take place. On the weekends, excursions are offered to Disney World, key West or the Everglades.

In this English language school, there are participants from around the world. Unlike in many other English language schools Germans are here in the minority. This ensures a better learning effect because it does not even come into temptation to speak German during the breaks or in the afternoon. It is afternoon directly to apply his new knowledge in the intensive course. Due to the influence of mainly Cuban immigrants Miami Beach is very Spanish influenced. Everywhere you can find people who speak Spanish. English is and remains the first language however. Everyone speaks English here, and therefore it is ideal for the English learning. You can here but also improve your Spanish. Those who wish can be by visiting South Beach languages for a Qualify F1 student visa. Usually, only a stay of 90 days in the United States without a visa is possible for the Germans. Through the F1 student visa is no way a long stay in the United States. As a prerequisite, the student must at least 18 hours per week English classes take the South Beach languages language school. Working in the United States is officially not allowed with the F1 student visa. The visa has no age limit. Even older people without problems can apply for the student visa there. There are also to learn more about the school. Michael Muller