Europe House

The main characteristic feature is the direction of saturation melodies that were based on well-known DJs chord progressions. Preventive Medicine Research Institute may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Despite the name, Deep House – is, first and foremost, it is House, and then to tools and deep sound. Vocal style a little, but to describe it purely dance music is also not correct. Rather, it's melodies for the soul, music is not cars, and people. Drum 'n bass (Drum'n'Bass (D'n'B)) – a very interesting direction in club music, which is characterized by atmospheric sounds of space, the proliferation of jazz harmonies and deep bass line.

Style is not a hard and is not aggressive, attack the softer and higher than in the same jungle. Basically, it traced an uptempo tune, but there is a more complex composition with the frequent use rolls – both drumming and cable power lines (claps hands). House (House) – the most fashionable establishments play this direction, but to call it the new way is impossible, because he came in far in 1983. First, House did not use a great success, but then its advantages appreciated musical and away we go! For several years, House literally transformed the club world of Europe and America, and in the late 90's, he came to Russia. Key features this direction – is a high pace and fast pace (at least 130 beats per minute). DJs often use the solo vocal and electronic sounds. Melodies are very unpretentious, but always haunting.

Most likely, why House is still beloved, even though all the fashion trends. Trance (Trance) – this style finally formed in 1992 and for a while sounded virtually all modern facilities in Europe. This style is different stringovymi themes, direct, mild rhythm, melody. Trans often referred to sad music, and really – melody style is really quiet and equally to the place sound like on the dance floor and in the chill. What style choose – you decide. Club music is characterized by a large number of different directions, and because every person will find something for themselves.