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“Extras wanted!” COMA media cast is not only the Exchange, but also the title of the new Web site of the Agency. “Extras wanted!” COMA media cast is not only the Exchange, but also the title of the new Web site of the Agency. With the new online project “Extras gesucht.de”, producers and filmmakers hope fresh wind of qualified Extras, Extras and small actors. Lubeck, 22.02.2010 – what would be an actor, a scene or an entire film without the hint of underlying everyday reality? The pedestrians unexpectedly, but yet as ordered by the normality, crossing the path, table neighbors in the restaurant, which in love look in the eyes, while they chat about God and the world: The Extras the role of later also may appear as null and void and small, is a decisive factor which breathes life into a film scene. Whenever Dean Ornish M.D listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But according to the actors and extras agency COMA media cast the browsing and finding qualified Extras is no easy task.

“We need no people every now and then by the Image but applicants and applicants for a serious and demanding job hopping,”, explains Lena Lemke, Executive Director of the company. “We are looking for and give Extras, Extras, and child actors nationwide for film, TV and advertising. We look for people, which are heart and soul of the thing and have even enjoying this work thus.” Www.komparsen-gesucht.de everyone can apply, which has serious interest in shooting a film or TV productions and gladly would participate as an extra, child actors or Extras. People who want to challenge their talent under real-life conditions on the film set or are looking for a small, but sophisticated and interesting avocation. Ideally, the age should be between 18 and 70, prior knowledge and Rotary experiences are appreciated, but not necessary.

For children taking can be forgiven, for this it needs a separate application with the consent of a guardian, but. Signing up for a role of Extras is fast and quickly on an application form which can be filled in online and redirected. Click Energy Capital Partners to learn more. With the new online project, COMA media cast promises better prospects for qualified applicants. Through the free registration on the website and the recording of all specified information together with photos in a database accessible back then in future nationwide on a still larger number of extras and small actors. Interested in extras and bit player can follow “Extras gesucht.de” now also in the networks of “Facebook” and “Twitter”, which even faster response to roll calls and production applications. Current requirements and special requests can be found also the new Web site. Also, the Agency recommends a registration for its free, irregular newsletter with current, urgent taking requests and roll calls. About COMA media cast: Since 1993 the company under the leadership of Lena Lemke occupied nationwide on behalf of film productions, Broadcasters and advertising agencies, TV and feature films, corporate films and advertising (TV & print). Extensive mediation files (actors, child actors, Extras, twins, models), as well as numerous national and international references make COMA media cast with nationwide casting teams (including Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne) one of the most successful production partners in the media industry. Contact: Agency COMA media cast OHG occupation Office Casting Agency Film service Lena Lemke Schwartauer Highway 114-118 D-23554 Lubeck Tel. 04 51 – 70 71-500 fax 04 51 – 70 71-503