Fat Deposits Fat

How to get rid of the fat that had accumulated over the years, without harm to health. Oh, how I would like to eat in the evening a magic pill and wake up in the morning – cellulite is gone. The skin on the thighs smooth, flat stomach, folds not at the waist. All this, and if possible, only in the distant future. Now the situation at the front to combat this problem quite drugaya.Pomnite, fatty deposits do not appear overnight, so quickly get rid of them is impossible. Be realistic. The second basic rule of getting rid of excess weight and fat – you can not get rid of one day or one week .. Fat deposits are an accumulation of toxins, toxins and excess water for various reasons, not derived from the body and having properties to accumulate in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Most often they appear on the thighs and buttocks, may occur in the area around the knees and shoulder arm. The presence of fat indicates a violation of cleaning the body. It is not only unattractive appearance of your skin, but also unwanted toxins in your body, which is very harmful to health. Why did this happen? Among the many factors that are direct or indirect causes: disorders of lipid metabolism and, consequently, the development of cellulite ivozniknoveniya fat, with can be confidently vydelitosnovnye: hormonal imbalance, especially, ovarian dysfunction, accompanied by an increase in blood estrogen, zabolevaniyaschitovidnoy gland and other endocrine violations, violations of protein metabolism, in particular the reduction of the blood protein albumin, chronic stress, hereditary factors, a violation of proper diet, physical inactivity, ie inactive life, chronic fatigue, etc. What's happening here? The problem of cellulite can be defined as the tendency of fatty tissues retain fluid. The result is swelling, compressing the adjacent areas of connective tissue, which develops in response to the dense collagen fibers, insulating lumps of fat and prevent the circulation.