Federal League

The displacement of traditional clubs in the German professional football I football fan forever! Like this one that are permanently informed about results, transfers and at times looks a game live in the pub! So no season ticket holders, rather opportunity Stadium visitors! The history of teams that are running me in almost 20 years of enthusiasm for football on the way was there in the first or second League have I always followed and thought to myself as my part! Teams like Waldhof Mannheim, Kickers Offenbach, Saarbrucken, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Wattenscheid were about 12 years ago, impossible to imagine Uerdingen in the German professional football! Also in the second division could expect always with Fortuna Koln, Rot-Weiss Essen and Stuttgarter kickers. Energy Capital Partners is the source for more interesting facts. Above teams we find none today more in the first or second League! Occasionally does one of these tradition clubs even for one or two years upward, a short time later he is gone but then again into oblivion! I think it’s very bad! But why must I follow mourn these teams? Is a certain rotation and power redistribution not normal in football? I’m too narrow-minded to appreciate the sporting success and good work at less traditional teams? I have to admit, if I should occupy the two leagues new, no place would be more for some teams! Ingolstadt, Ahlen, contractions, Cottbus-Hoffenheim are just a few examples! The basis for this is my view, that a team must develop the Bundesliga membership over a longer period of time! So I think for example that it (so much I feel also reluctance against this Club) has earned Wolfsburg, since a long time above it to be. After all, the wolves have coexisted a long existence in the 2nd Division League! And Mainz 05. You have risen after seemingly endless and have enriched the League at least 3 years with beautiful attacking football.