Fisheries Catching

Hello dear lovers of fishing. Opened another site for people hobby which is fishing! What is this site better? You ask. The site opened relatively recently, but for a short time has already filled content. For even more opinions, read materials from Maida Vale. The site will be considered different ways to catch fish in different seasons. Covered most nasuschie questions that are we – the fishermen. Since ancient times, fishing was considered one of the most venturesome and exciting types of recreation. Many of us try to escape after tiring of everyday fishing with spinning or fishing rod.

What kind of rig to use in order to succeed? All possible kinds of tools and methods of fishing on our site dedicated to fishing. That's one of those: Tviching from September to November in September In September preferable to catch pike in basins overgrown with grass. The grass at this time is quite high due to what attracts their overgrown lot number of young fish, which, in turn, feels safe in the dense undergrowth. Recently Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. sought to clarify these questions. Pike also oblyubovyvaet these places. Catching her best along the reeds and in the 'windows'. When posting a bait along the cane, it is necessary to do it as close as possible to the line of vegetation. In this case, the chances of a strike increases. Fishing in the windows a little different from fishing along the vegetation. There is desirable to use floating baits as they allow for bait as close to the edge of the vegetation in a small section of the window.