For Chiavenato Company

In the business plan, to analyze the competition is to have of any entrepreneur who wants to compete and to be successful in the market, therefore beyond the competing right-handers that similar products to the ones of the company produce, also exists the indirect ones, that from some form its deviate the attention of the customers vendendo products. It is important that the company evaluates the external and internal environment and knows its forces and weaknesses to be able to define the business-oriented chances most attractive and to obtain to detect the possible threats that puddle to come to suffer. For Chiavenato (2008), it is recommendable to inside adopt benchmarking of the company, to verify what the best competitors are making and to create strategies to surpass them. The moment to invest is most challenging and most vulnerable for any entrepreneur, therefore the main concern is not to run the risk of bankruptcy in the first years of opening of the enterprise. It is necessary to carry through the initial investment and to consider all and any situation of risk, favorable that it will be able to happen during the beginning of the project, and thus to have patience in the return of the carried through investment. In accordance with Dornelas (2005), for many entrepreneurs business-oriented financial part is the most difficult of the plan, because the expenditures reflect in numbers all, including fixed and changeable investment, expenses with marketing, expenditures with sales, expenses with staff, costs, projection of sales, analyses of yield of the business, etc. An innovative project must compose in a capital enough to finance the operational activities throughout the time, with this will be possible to acquire or to rent the adjusted place, to obtain necessary machines and installations and finished raw material supplies or products. At the beginning, the companies costumam to be fragile, exactly because they do not know very the market where they act. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus Massoumi.