Format Digital

LCD display in today's digital cameras can be equipped with a tilting mechanism, and have a great resolution to the picture on screen was as clear. Memory is often "digital camera" equipped with a built-in memory, usually not exceeding 20 – 32 MB. This memory is usually not enough and therefore often buy external memory cards, which come in several types. It is important to remember that each camera only supports certain formats of memory cards. File Format Digital camera manufacturers always point file formats, which are stored photos.

Most modern cameras record data in JPEG, which takes place far less than professional formats, but visually a little different from them. For more professional formats include TIFF and RAW, which require higher equipment software and good quality electronics. The power supply is an important characteristic, which is not always given great account. Despite the fact that this option does not directly affect the quality of the pictures, he gets great value for frequent use and long-term use of digital cameras. Digital cameras consume a large amount of energy, especially when using LCDs, so a spare power supply will never be over.

Usually comes with a charger set of batteries. Worth bearing in mind that each model camera has its own format batteries. Additional features various advanced features complement the capabilities of modern digital cameras. For example, the ability to record video and audio allows you to make sound comments to photos and shoot dynamic objects. True, often the quality of video in digital cameras "lame". In addition, the video recording time is limited and does not depend on the size of memory. However, it is not too demanding digital camera users can quite substitute for a camcorder. Understanding the importance of these basic characteristics will help you avoid getting lost in a huge variety of modern technology and select a suitable digital camera. However, as mentioned above, the main thing – it's to decide for themselves, for what tasks you need a digital camera. Then the further process of selecting a digital camera to based on performance will be much easier and faster. Source: – tests and reviews of cameras