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Quickly and easily more sales through the Internet! -Every year: online marketing Convention 2009-18 September 2009, Hotel am Stadtpark Wilhelmshaven – on the net at home: the new Internet presence of online-marketing the Internet today nobody passes! Knowledge around the subject of online marketing are the basic requirement to be successful online, and to market his product or his service. If you are not convinced, visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. But hardly anyone knows the possibilities on the net and got a clue of who knows his knowledge often not profitable to use. Here is the second online marketing Convention in Wilhelmshaven remedy! The online marketing Convention is an event where you can find out businesses, agencies and students about current and basic topics of the Web and replace. Above all content from the area of e-commerce, online law, or online PR includes in addition to a good online marketing strategy. Especially medium-sized and small enterprises is through the online marketing Convention closer the effectiveness of online marketing and illustrates the opportunities on the net. With over 70 participants the first online marketing Convention in Wilhelmshaven, Germany took place already in the last year successfully. With a new Internet presence ( the unique event in the region is back this year. Aligned with a varied programme individually on beginners and advanced the opportunity with each participant to expand its expertise and to apply this selectively on the basis of workshops. Learn more about the program content, the prices as well as the registration procedure are at all times available at! Organizer: Interactive solution FH OOW room C105 Friedrich p str. 101 6389 Wilhelmshaven Tel: 044 21-985 27 26 fax: 044 21-985 27 25 E-mail: Web: contact person: Julia Kohler mobile: 0176-227 342 87 Daniela Wrage mobile: 0176-820-490-52