Garbage Society

Development the Garbage folloies the man since the times most remote. In all history the man coexists the production of its residues which was modified constantly. The scientific and technological evolution that it folloies the humanity inserted in the environment the most varied raw materials and its derivatives. New products as plastic, glasses, metals, papers, amongst many others had come to day-by-day facilitate to the life of the man, being part of its, as well as of the garbage produced for it. Soon after the Industrial Revolution, the production of these residues took ratio gigantic, leaving the status of? primitive or domestic garbage? , in which he was of course reintegrated to the environment, to become a problem, in amount and resistance, therefore products with durability had appeared more each drawn out time. In such a way, the necessity appears to prevent that this excess of residues is changedded into a generating factor of problem for society, poluindo the way where it lives, causing damages its proper health and of that with it coexists. In this direction, studies point that the production of the garbage for a society can disclose some aspects important, as the purchasing power of the families and its habits of consumption, as well as the educational conscience on subject.

Much evolved in so little time, being perceivable the change of some modest habits, as the use of a simple dismissable diaper, today so common, but very rare it has 40 years. In the same way, the treatment that the society in general (exceptuando good exceptions) excuses to the garbage, discloses the size of the disinterest that of to this subject. Each society would have to define a program of absorption for the garbage that produces thus understanding that to have itself? it went to observe efficient techniques for collection, transport, storage and final destination, and possible reaproveitamento.