Gearing Up For The New Year: With Winter Tires Safely Through The Cold Season

Winter tires are also now particularly relevant to safety in the next few days of the new year should it remain frosty cold, some snow up in the lowlands. As soon as roads with mud, snow, frost or ice covered, ensure sufficient safety only winter tires with their soft, but sharp-edged profile slats. The so-called all-weather or all-season tires offer limited protection in such situations. Experts necessarily discourage a mixed tyres, E.g. winter tires rear, on the road to be with front and summer tires, because this leads to erratic driving behavior. Vehicles which are equipped with winter tires go on the safe side, even if roads remain snow – and ice-free. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz. Even in snow-poor areas, where winter is usually mild, there can be surprises.

Without winter tires must the car under winter conditions are left then, you won’t risk another accident. Regardless of who tyre brand or type you choose, it is important to know that the prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm for safe driving is too low. To be fully functional, winter tires need at least one profile from 4 mm. In addition, they require usually a higher air pressure. With this slightly higher air pressure, winter tires have a longer life span and consume less fuel. In the online shop can be found for every car and every claim the right tyre at extremely close calculated prices.

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