Gift Wrap Consumer Attitudes

Gift wrap out of cardboard still the most ubiquitous way to design gift sets of commodity producers, is largely due to the stereotypes of consumers. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Scott Atlas. In the manufacture of luxury paperboard packaging to the imposed even more stringent requirements than usual. Very often the elite goods can not be separated from the pack – so organically a combination thereof. Each element of the package stresses the special nature products for the festive event. In the production of gift wrap out of cardboard used sophisticated cutting, stamping. Manufacture of gift wrapping in this case is characterized by using so-called designer types of cardboard. For more clarity and thought, follow up with jonathan freedman and gain more knowledge.. They differ in a variety of surface textures and colors – the highest price.

Boxes for luxury gift wrapping is usually made of cellulose board density of 280-300 g/m2, which makes it possible to achieve high quality offset printing and lacquering as well as from cardboard. Bottom of the box may be precast or samoskladnym. Print remains the main way to finish cartons. It is worth noting that the print on the cardboard are very important properties of the foundation, because it affects the image quality. Usually used for gift wrapping or cardboard coated cellulosic cardboard can achieve the desired print quality. In addition, cellulosic paperboard has increased strength and a white turnover. Printing on cardboard can add elements of foil, as well as congreve embossing. Embossing said getting relief images without ink and foil at a local compression of material between the heated die.

Embossing is carried out in special presses or coreless printed machines. Often, for the manufacture of corrugated packaging used by its masking – gluing a sheet of paper or thin cardboard to a rigid base (cardboard). Masking is used when you need to get special quality print on cardboard, and the technology does not allow us to make it directly. Boxes of laminated cardboard are popular as a form of packaging for cosmetics. Another way to decorate the packaging – lamination, which also significantly improves the barrier properties of the cardboard. Production of paperboard is characterized by a wide range of technologies used for souvenir packages use cardboard, laminated colored, holographic or metallized films. Frequently made color films from wood pulp on one side matte, the other – high-gloss. One of the latest designer delights – packing from double cardboard, "inverted" layer of corrugated surface. Each manufacturer makes out his gift sets, so that the buyer has no idea how to pack a gift, but rather opted for a certain brand just because of all the original packaging.