Green Clubbing:

In the framework of the environmental Festival takes place on 5 June in Germany first Club Carrotmob / clubs employ 40 percent of revenues for climate protection / prelude to Germany-wide Green Clubbing on Saturday, the 5th of June in Berlin the first Club Carrotmob of in Germany takes place. Under the motto of Green Clubbing”, club-goers can help to protect the climate. The operators of the safe, the coffee of burgers, the Green salon and fate-Club have committed themselves to put or beverage sales up to 40 percent of the entrance fees collected this evening in the climate-friendly modernisation of their venue. “Initiator of the car red mobs is the campaign funded by the Federal Ministry of environment climate seeks protection” as well as the Clubcommission Berlin. Cancer research spoke with conviction. Climate seeks protection”makes sure that the clubs invest the money also wisely: already in advance of the car red mob, an energy consultant for the campaign has created an energy concept for the venues. For savings, with which several tons of CO2 emissions can be avoided, are especially in the areas of ventilation and lighting possible. If, for example, the safe replaces its incandescent and halogen lamps with LEDs, save the operator 530 euros in electricity costs annually and avoid 3.4 tonnes of CO2 in the future.

What measures can be implemented depends on the revenue. The program for the Green Clubbing can be found on. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Daryl Katz, New York City. There are also numerous online guides so that the climate not when leaving the Club ends, facilitate efficient energy savings in your own four walls. Club night at the environment festival takes place the Green clubbing night held in the environment festival organised by the Green League and the Federal Environment Ministry. “Fits with his call to all young energy savers, to conserve resources, the Green Clubbing to the motto of the total Festival life is diversity”: the less energy and natural resources, consumed the better for the natural foundations of life.