The hemorroides are not another thing that the inflamed veins of the rectum, usually have many sizes and according to its location we have: Interns They are those that are located in the rectum, are asymptomatic but similarly they produce bleeding; they are those that give the sensation of incomplete an intestinal evacuation. External They are located easily outside the anus, becoming visible, present/display ardor, pain, can break themselves and produce a dangerous hemorrhage and therefore to an infection. Prolapsadas They are the type of longer hemorroides, usually they are internal with great size that arrive to leave and to become external. Its great growth is due to an excessive force at the time of defecating and to the constant diarrhoea. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Professor Roy Taylor. We must remember that almost all the people are going to suffer once at least hemorroides in their lives, and that all we run the risk of suffering of them, therefore it is very important to know how we can alleviate the hemorroides. Most important it is the precaution, ours to have here is to take care of at any moment that we are going to do and where we are going away to seat, to realise smooth movements does not bring about pain, and we must sit down in quilted and smooth places.

If the pain appears strong, we can make the use of medecines like aspirina and the ibuprofeno, always asking the phamacist and his doctor the amount necessary not to produce rectal hemorrhages or rectorragias. Besides the application of ice in the hemorroides they give a fast lightening, we can also use ice in the baths of seat mixed with aloe side and manzanilla, a perfect mixture for anti-inflammatory effect. If one is at moments that he does not have any form to alleviate the hemorroides, you can occur same you weigh blows near the zone affected for that this form to create a greater stimulus to the pain than she practically inhibits the annoyances, is something similar when rascamos us to stop the allergies, but she remembers not to make damage to the wounds.