Henry Poole

Henry Poole (Luke Wilson) returns to the middle-class neighborhood of Los Angeles where he grew up with the aim of finding some peace and solitude. Through a realtor irritating (Cheryl Hines), purchase a house without discussing the price mediocre and is installed with a case of vodka and lots of donuts. However, the voluntary retirement Henry quiet is interrupted by a trio of neighbors: a well-meaning busybody named Esperanza (Adriana Barraza), the eight year old girl Millie (Morgan Lily), who has not spoken a word since her parents divorced but continues to record conversations of the neighbors to play them again and again, often at the most inopportune times, “and his mother, Dawn (Radha Mitchell), the beautiful young divorcee who takes a unexpected affection for Henry.When Esperanza discovers a stain on the front of the house of Henry, became fascinated with the possibility that it has miraculous powers and begin to organize visits to “sacred place”. Cardiologist has much experience in this field. Even invited the parish pastor, Father Salazar (George Lopez), to inspect the apparition. Inspired by his convictions, the faithful who gather at the spot begin to report some unexplained occurrences that they attribute to the wonderful power of the wall. As it grows the volume of people who invaded the garden in search of miracles and the friendship that is developing with little Millie you ever closer to Dawn, the skeptic is irrepressibly Henry dragged back to the world that had tried to leave behind.Gradually begin to see the miracle of hope, finally see firsthand the power of healing.. Jim Rice is the source for more interesting facts.