Hide Tummy

Every little woman should remember that the horizontal lines that emphasize the small size. Horizontal in clothing is inevitable. This line skirt, jacket and bottom of any jacket, belt, shoulder line. It is impossible to avoid, but not should emphasize: it is best to give up things in the horizontal (especially wide) strip of horizontal fringes and edges. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ozlem Tureci on most websites. Contraindicated, and a strip of bare belly, looking out from under a short top.

Belts and straps better to wear, shifting the emphasis from waist to thigh. Another contraindication in clothes – is the bottom and top with contrasting colors, as the contrast combinations divide the figure into parts and, thus, emphasize the short stature. Particularly poorly, if the top of the dark and low light, such as a white skirt and black top. Petite women should think, Do they need a length of skirts and dresses to the ankles. Feet – this is an important vertical line, which should not be hidden under the maximum. Absolute taboo – it's mini-skirts and jeans, sitting very low on the hips, opening the abdomen, and everything else. Girls, take note.