Marcelo this with many homesicknesses of its parents, decided to bind for them and its mother informs that its father this sick person, it already thinks about visiting it. Diana is with an enormous barrigo, exactly opposed, Mrio was obliged to pay the examinations, the prenatal one and all more. Desiane already took some Gustavo times in the republic, Renato as he is Always the only one that it did not like. But in that day it decided to use to advantage the moment to make an invitation, to attend the game between Bosom and the International, smart made this already thinking about going of hitchhiking in the car of Gustavo. It accepted, Deisiane did not like the idea. Joana decided to take Dionatan in a therapist, to deal with to its phobia, and this form to help it to surpass it the fear. Well calm Diana arranged its room, when the cellular burrow from the moment that it takes care of, its dumb mood brusquely.

It freezes when knowing that its parents go to visit it, they does not know that she is pregnant. Natan this of happyest of what never, this completely apaixo- Nado for Juliana, only that nor it imagines, that it friend likes its better, it he has much fear to count the truth Natan and to finish with amizde them two. Deisiane was attending a program in the television when Renato if approaches, the colloquy of the boy is very stranger, and derrepente it tasca a smack to take off the breath in it. Scared it is without reaction and it she leaves quickly as if she had committed a crime. But most incredible it is that it liked it kiss, the night arrives Renato makes the invitation to go to the grenal to the all, Natan, Mrio, Joana and Dionatan accepts Diana nor if it pronounced, Marcelo goes to visit its parents in the day.