Humor is often underestimated in today’s medicine! Many current medical studies very clearly show that humor has a large positive effect on the mennschlichen body. Facilitates laughter not only suffering time of a disease but can speed up the healing process. At the present time, there are more and more diseases which are not really physical but much more psysische causes. And this is not only to the famous burn out syndrome or the significantly long known depression, but also the physical pains like tension, headaches and rashes can be triggered by stress and to much tension. Therefore, it is important again to distract himself from normal work and to cheer up and his mind with a harmless joke, a funny saying or a nice cartoon.

Countless reactions are triggered when a smile or laugh in the brain and body that all have a message – I’m just fine! Accordingly, Verrkrampfungen solve and the mood brightens significantly soon. A relaxation of the entire body will be held both physically and mentally, and the burdens of everyday life completely recede into the background. The level of humor plays no role at all. If you read through a simple jokes page on the Internet or whether it leads to peruse the finest effusions of the highly acclaimed Loriots – important is only that one perceives it as funny and you even manage to detach themselves from the daily routine and to be really at the respective jokes with his thoughts. It is also interesting that a few minutes can make a big impact and sweeten the complete day one. Of course you may now also not too much demand is humor. There are certainly countless diseases against which you can do nothing with humor, you think, but the almost philosophical words of cult comedian Charlie Chaplin “a day without laughter is a lost day” so laugh not just because healing but also because of the quality of life in itself an absolute Duty! Therefore, look at that even when you laugh not neglected!