Hunting Hares

Hunting hares and hunting foxes for hunting with hounds, have some differences. The main places normally inhabited by a fox – it dug their burrows in the hard ground. More foxes are able to live in otnorkah and upper lazah abandoned badger burrows. Not like hares foxes more prudent and exhibit different behavior under the hounds. To hunt foxes was successful, he should go right before dawn, in which case you will have more opportunities detect not only the fox, but her brood near opushek and fields. Hunting Lisov, it is necessary to be quiet as they can frighten the noise and get into the burrows, from which the beagle will be very difficult for them to smoke.

Very well, when the hunters know where to look for the fox holes in the area hunting. In this case, some people have the opportunity to stay near the burrows, as the fox, after a few laps run under the hounds, be sure to try to hide in their burrows and thus itself fail themselves to the guns of hunters. After the fox would be killed, should immediately throw all the hounds from the fields, in this case the greater the chance that they will overtake another a pair of foxes. The most suitable season to hunt is early autumn. It was during this period foxes kept all brood and do not disperse far. In fact, if forced to run the hounds and wolves Lisov, then goes hunting smoother and gambling, rather than hunting for the hare. Foxes do not confuse the hounds as they may hare and the hare, except that their traces have a strong smell, so the dogs just smell it. However, the fox can immediately run farther than kilometer, or starts to turn the huge wheels.

Foxes are very cautious, because they run as far as possible as soon as he would hear whining hounds, the voices of people or any other noise. Because of this, hunters should go down in manholes located at some distance in front of the place threw the dogs. Foxes do not bypass the open spots, so often, they may be found in thickets, on the moor. Most often, they use to move a jumper separates Island. First round of the fox is most often describes the island, near the edges, and the second – in a hidden field. In those places community will increase. Otherwise, the fox can run across to another island, making it a couple of laps, to leave directly, or run back to the previous island. In such situations, need incredibly fast to take rut, or dogs can be lost with the hearing. To hunt was successful, he should – run fast – silent be lazu – hounds, it prefers to hunt foxes and hares are not, such as the hounds tend to spend grave evil voice chips and less than during the rut for the hare. The main thing is to shoot a fox at a particular distance, that the weapon was beating suddenly. This distance should be about fifty – seventy steps. In that case, if you're hunting the hare, the hare from you before the weapon can install up to eighty steps.