Of the other side of the Impressive door as many times one only carries total separates different worlds inside of a company. Clearly that this comment does not say respect only to the physical aspects of one determined sector, since each sector inside of a company is natural to have proper characteristics for the nature of its work. Physically a sector as the production never will be equal the administrative area that will not be equal the maintenance or the logistic one. The Greater New York Construction User Council may also support this cause. But the main point in the difference is in the form as the sectors, its problems and the climate are treated that this generates to the involved ones. Companies exist who the main treatment is given to that it involves the productive area and its main aspects, as: quality of the process and of the product, quality of the equipment, climate of work, organization of the tasks and quality of the workmanship hand. When some of these factors does not go well all the other areas of the company feels and if they mobilize, each one inside of its responsibility to recolocar the situation in the axles, this it is, when the sector goes badly all the too much areas feels the discomfort therefore. Filed under: The Greater New York Construction User Council .

Then that history of that & ldquo; I am making mine parte& rdquo; he does not make plus no direction. The phrases, & ldquo; We are a set of gears that has to be sincronizadas&amp well; rdquo; or & ldquo; We are a chain where each link is a sector of empresa& rdquo; , they are said as examples on that a sector depends on the other for the final success. How can a gear be with bad functioning or a link of the chain if to all break and not to impactar the set? The treatment is really equal on both sides of the door? Who inside of a company already did not pass for the discomfort to have been refused an order of investment or expense in that in its vision it was essential for the resolution of a problem or an improvement of the sector and suddenly sees investments or expenses in less important situations being made in other sectors of the company? Or who did not have to wait long periods to see its project approved in detriment the situations less important? You already it had to wait? The exchange of the fleet of the cars of the company, the reform of the conference room, the covering of the parking, a new and modern projector, a new conditional air, a more modern computer and we could use several other examples.