In France

Schools Alliance francaise, there are several programs that differ in terms of complexity and learning. There are courses for beginners as well as to improve the language. There are techniques of intensive language study, and there are techniques for those who are in no hurry. But given the mass of these schools rely on individual approach to every pupil is not necessary. Who is not satisfied.

In France there are many other language schools! Let's start with those of the capital of France? Paris! Are popular among students of all ages School PERL, which is branch of the famous boarding school Ecole des Roches. Perhaps check out coronavirus vaccine for more information. Feature of the courses in this school is the variety of subjects. In it, for example, has items such as or. For students who, despite the well-adjusted method learning the French language is still experiencing difficulty in mastering it, there is a special rate. Classes for this course are in the form of a game, in groups of five or six people. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. What has to learn the language chosen interesting topics such as: Gambling>. In this procedure, there are no textbooks or home exercises. Everything happens naturally, without cramming, in a playful way.

Students simply communicate with each other in French, and teachers only intervene in the process, with emphasis on correct pronunciation of a word or phrase proper construction. According to many, the program works wonders. With it you learn the foreign language language can even the most untalented in this area. Now the prices. Two weeks of training, consisting of forty lessons are only four hundred euros. Now let's leave Paris and go deep into the province. The town of Vichy, located in Auvergne region. Here there is a language school CAVILAM. It always has about three hundred people, plus or minus fifty. But during the school holidays the number of students can grow up to nine people. Learn in school can with the age of sixteen, but there are at school and a group of children from the age of twelve. The school specializes in intensive training. Therefore, there is held a week twenty-six lessons. Cost? two hundred and forty euros a week. It is recommended for learning the language from 14 to 37 weeks. There is also a program superintensive training? 32 lessons per week and the cost of 500 euros per week. The city of Rouen in Normandy. Language School French in Normandy. In this school there are language programs with 20 and 30 lessons per week. The cost ranges from 175 to 275 euros per week. Moreover, the longer the course, the generally cheaper than it costs. The French and Americans believe. What time? money. In addition to training provided here excursions the city and visit restaurants.