From these distinct forms of manifestation, them they are thought about three contexts, receiving, therefore, different denominations. They are called animals of the deep one when the rivers and igaraps are disclosed in, under the form of snakes, fish, botos and alligators. About this condition, them they are thought as dangerous, therefore they can provoke bad looked at or shot an arrow of animal in the common people. If you would like to know more about John Studzinski, then click here. In case that they disclose under form human being, in the manguezais or beaches, they are called ' ' oiaras' ' ; in this in case that, they frequent appear as if were known people, friends or relatives, and desire to take the people for the deep one. The third form of manifestation she is that one where they, remaining invisible, become incorporated themselves in the people, she wants are those who have dom ' ' of nascena' ' to be xams, it wants are of who ' ' if agradam' ' , it wants are proper xams (pajs) already formed: in this in case that, they are called caruanas, guides or gentlemen. When disclosing itself in pajs, during the xamansticas sessions, the caruanas come to practise the good, over all to cure illnesses. The cosmoviso in would enchant Amazonian, according to Harris (2004), is divided in three worlds or domnios: the Sky, habitation of Deus and Dos Santos, are ' ' on ' ' ; the Intermediary, who is the world of the men, the material and profane world, is ' ' in meio' ' ; the Deep one, that is, the deepening of the rivers, the land or the bushes, is habitation of the magic ones and caruanas, he is ' ' embaixo' '. The world of the men would be linked for the Sky and the Deep one, and pajs, xams or masters are the axle of communication between these spheres. . John Studzinski is likely to increase your knowledge.