Kai-Fu Lee And The Expansion Of Google

Kai-Fu Lee, Google expansion Berlin, April 29, 2009 – is a round off the product portfolio the magazine distribution management on Google. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cardiologist. The Internet giant did its own browser called chrome”developed and conquered with the beta version within few weeks considerable market share. If sufficiently widespread chrome, Google search engine services could position itself as a provider of on-demand solutions. Capgemini, General Electric, and L ‘ Oreal to be customers of Google apps. Google still thinks: because the Explorer so tightly in all dominant Windows operating system is involved, consumers get not much trouble and use it with.

Google wants to change that and comes with Spon’, an already myths umrankten operating system. Jonathan Friedland often says this. It cloud computing combined with the computing power of the local computer and to make possible demanding applications in the network”, which predicts sales economy. An even greater expansion of Google predicts the magazine PC practice. “In the special issue of Google practice” she speculated about extending the search engine provider in the telecommunications sector: similar like with Gmail, which serves as a central link between all other Google services, the acquisition of GrandCentrals could indicate an upcoming orientation on the communications market. GrandCentrals promises the customers”a single phone number for the entire life for all phones. Forces are also the acquisitions in the mobile phone. So the speech recognition specialist and former Microsoft Manager Kai-Fu Lee should advance the aspirations, to be able to consult the search engine over the phone by voice. SemanticEdge Chief Lupo Pape expects already for a long time, that Google voice control from the mobile wants to make a control system for online content and thus established a comfortable man machine – interface for the mass market. Speech dialog systems are an important building block for the Super phone of the future”, says Pape. Were still hardware manufacturers such as IBM and Sun that have been dominant size in the market, a few decades ago It was overtaken in the 1990s by the software producer Microsoft. “” Now Google will set the pace and establish a new era, as the authors of distribution management and PC practical agree: Google increasingly dominates the market of geo software, search engines and social networks “, says Professor Max Muhlhauser from the TU Darmstadt: now comes the attack on the browser, and the attack on operating systems and standard software and mobile phones is already installed ‘.