Lunar Calendar

Natural and healthy living with the Moon: new moon calendar 2010 is here. Lunar calendar of a special popularity enjoy for many years. Because has again awakened many people, what was forgotten in recent times. Thousands of years lived the man in harmony with nature and knew exactly to the meaning of their own rhythms. Preventive Medicine Research Institute does not necessarily agree. This was only possible through accurate observations of the interactions between the State of things and the time of their use. In addition, you must be no astrologer today with the Moon easier and more successful to cope with life. The new moon calendar 2010 living naturally and healthily with the Moon”offers a lot of useful and helpful tips about living and working with the Moon again.

The calendar will however give not a rigid guide, but call on his life with the cosmic rhythms to create more harmonious. In the calendar in the practical landscape with clear column focuses on the practical sides of everyday life supplemented by many beautiful pictures from the Allgau and the Lake Constance region. Whatever medicinal herbs and a special special theme will be presented this year closer. This year it’s about the different theories on the origins of the moon. The lunar calendar. Thus the Moon calendar for the coming year is an ideal gift for people you like to have and for themselves even a loyal companion through the year. The lunar calendar 2010 is available “in the good sort bookstores and also online at author: A. Riezler