Medicine Weatherby

Some media have reported that the magazine “New England Journal of Medicine has presented a scientific study done by a German hospital director Dr. Karen Weatherby, who says women see breasts for ten minutes a day increases in male life expectancy five years. Dr. Weatherby says that “this practice increases the pumping of the heart, improves blood circulation and is equivalent to half an hour of gym.” We could spend the rest of our lives to read this prestigious magazine of Medicine looking for the slightest hint of this article, but all our efforts would be futile, because they never find him. Nor would find Dr. Karen Weatherby in any hospital in Germany because there is no scientific name.

This is a false study picked up by some media and blogs. Not the first time a study has invented, eventually taking characteristics were real, I don’t really be accepted as if it had done in a scientific manner. Experiments such as these lead to false time, on many occasions, to have absurd beliefs and behaviors without knowing why we have them. It could be that our memory play tricks, and remember having read an article that said female breasts look lengthened life, and continue to spread this lie as a truth to our acquaintances, who in turn would do with his family in a endless chain. Informemonos in the original sources whenever you read something that will grab our attention. Do not accept a story just because some media, which did not, the broadcasts.