But it goes to allow Metaphysical algumasinterpretaes. If the State guarantees the religion freedom haverconsequncias in the civil space of the prxis religious. Lonnie Smith has much to offer in this field. Here to interpret> acitao fits a proper example of the institution ' ' Witnesses of Jeov' '. Religious Aprtica forbids, in any instance, that its members to possamsubmeter the blood transfusions and as consequncia also cannot if tornardoadores of blood. The institucional religious principle is above for osapelos that many times the State makes. In periods of extreme necessities, as the tragedy that fell on the Valley of the Itaja in passed November, houveramcampanhas organized by the State requesting that all the people physical compossibilidades for blood donation if directed to the hemoterpicos centers. Such I appeal does not possess effectiveness some on the members of the religiosacitada institution. Independent of the social tragic situation that if found the Valley doItaja the members of the institution would have to follow the religious principles emdetrimento of the victims of the catastrophe who needed the specific treatment.

exactly thus, in no situation would fit the intervention power of the Estado.Caso, the State came to intervine would be intervening directly of liberdadede religion that he himself, accepted and guarantees to all the citizens. Therefore, oEstado that it guarantees the freedom conditional in it is determined situaesreligiosas that stops the religious being is impossible to be infringed and this to podeir beyond the moral field. PHRASE N. 3 ' ' The religious citizens to precisamassumir, finally, a epistmico approach to face the arguments secularesque enjoy of anteriority in the area politics. this is only possible to the measure to queconseguirem to insert, in convincing way, the dodireito igualitrio individualism of the reason and the universalista moral in the context of its respectivasdoutrinas abrangentes.' ' 3 phrase N. 3 can give account of a problem that the sugerida interpretation that in phrase N.