Money And Diseases

Most people have a relationship with money, if you have love and hate if they lack it, the fact is that in our society is a taboo topic. Today, talk of money is something even more embarrassing to talk about sex. As with any prohibited item, especially when it comes to human need is denied as such, you end up creating all sorts of myths, beliefs, whispered comments, which lead people to confusion, doubts, phobias and addictions. We have no doubt that much of the social ills of the great psychological or existential problems people have to do with an unhealthy relationship with money: Panic, anxiety, depression, stress, suicide, broken marriages, broken families, vocational crisis, abandoned dreams, frustration. Do you think we exaggerate? Ask any psychologist or counselor, in her experience, which is the root of most problems in their adult patients. Ask yourself honestly how mood changes, as your cash flow, your debt level, its safety to continue to generate income, satisfaction with the source that delivers the revenue. Ask yourself if these issues affect their daily lives, your relationship with your partner, children or friends.

When we have no information or education in a subject with which we are forced to interact on a daily basis, we take wrong decisions or lose direction and that is what we finally produce tension, conflict and sometimes we get sick. The money has been “demonized” in various forms: greed, avarice, lust for power, ostentation, lack of humility, disregard for the spiritual issues and thousands of other negative concepts. With this background it is easy to see why people pay little or no attention to educate themselves regarding this matter so vital to their lives. But money being a human need, especially those who are embedded in a society where our survival, our livelihood and even our development depends on it is absolutely important to learn how it operates, how it affects our lives, how it occurs and how we can control its flow. Currently, there are many online resources to generate money from home, but it happens, it still lacks, we are afraid to start. We lose opportunities that life presents us and we were paralyzed waiting for our situation will change, but we do nothing to change. Dare to make money by launching a powerful opportunity to change your life, leaving behind the concern, nervousness, anxiety, unhappiness, etc. resulting in a lack of money fibula.