Nano Silver

It is it great that all research in this field worldwide results with our Nano Silver that is also a madness product.” The latest example of what innovation can arise if Nano Silver, comes from the collaboration of UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH in Furth with remote access material in Regensburg: A novel protective suit, silver nanoparticles are incorporated into the surface material. The professional firefighters in the Ulm with these suits has recently equipped the catalyst was a series of mysterious Legionella disease that has kept the residents and authorities of neighbouring cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm in breath at the beginning of the year 2010. Five people had died from the infection with Legionella, 64 more were ill with the pathogen to the part. Only after a long search the cause has been identified: the Legionella bacteria in an aerosol cloud over the city had spread from a wet cooling system. Against such threats, the Ulm Fire Department is now additionally equipped: the Ulmer Fire Director Hansjorg Prinzing refers to the fact that the protective suits equipped with Nanosilver were useful during all operations, where the teams may be exposed dangerous pathogens in animal-related, but also in biological laboratories, research facilities, and infectious departments of hospitals.

The less germs are on the surface of the protective clothing, the risk to contaminate the environment or yourself is lower for the auxiliary and emergency personnel. The renowned Hohenstein Institute have confirmed through tests that the Nano Silver protective Coveralls with a nearly 100-percent reliability about against the three widely used and dangerous pathogen Legionella pneumophila, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae work, and also to more germs, which comprise a majority of all bacteria. And all fuel handling of the raw material of silver: textiles with AgPURE contain only 0,01% by weight of the precious metal. The scientists from rent a scientist point out that the natural effect of silver against bacteria, could save viruses and fungi, for example, tons of Chemical disinfectants and thus to protect the environment. As Nano Silver significantly lower the health hazards of pathogens, the use of antibiotics and thus threatening resistance of pathogens could be reduced indirectly. Using the Regensburg Nano Silver specialists, drip mats come in addition to the protective suits including lacquers and oils for paints, for the gastronomy and a wide variety of fabrics on the market.

And also for the medical device industry, the Regensburg scientists have plenty of product ideas with Nano Silver ready: operation clothing, bone screws and bone cement, wound dressings, implants and tubes. In medical applications would be great”, says rent-a-scientist shareholder Adi Parzl, which refers to an important side-effect: succeeded in the Regensburg developers to embed the silver nano-particles deep into the respective materials giving release prevents and ensures a long-lasting effectiveness. Already the inventor have to enable visible only under powerful microscopes, silver threads, which suited to conduct electrical current and soon the development of much smaller, lighter electrical appliances more projects in the field of nanotechnology in preparation. Parzl for us is clear,”says that nanomaterials are the environmental technologies of the 21st century. “They are durable, lightweight, stable, higher quality and there will be less transportation and less waste and less resource consumption.” City Marketing Regensburg