With the announcement of the visit of the U.S. President Obama to our country stood a wave of disputes at both poles. Official site: Dr. John Mcdougall. Primarily, the concern for the U.S. President according to the high climate of insecurity in Mexico, by Blair Secretary boasted saying: Mexico doesn’t govern in some parts of its territory. This raised a response of the Mexican President who accused Blair and the similar views to be part of a plot by decertification of the actions of the country and the Government’s capacity to combat organized crime. To the extent the Secretary Blair has reason because certainly there are parts of the country that are controlled entirely by drug trafficking and is illogical as the society may give name and address of these hotbeds of crime and that the specialized agencies of the Government are so lost in the task cannot be denied.

Being honest, the battle they are waging is virtually lost while a full clean do not first corrupt agencies immersed with the crime and stop the useless witch hunt that only criminalises the consumer and not the producer. Likewise, actions that if taken not only insufficient but, even, are dangerous and even illegal, as the presence of the army in the streets of the country, something that not only viola the statutes of our laws, that but maintains an atmosphere of tension in society. Castles the Government by calling us to those who believe on this topic of catastrophists and that do not want the Government but of course that we don’t want it, it would if I did things correctly. So the next time you want to deny to Blair, we must remember, for example, to Ciudad Juarez.