New Energy Concept

With generation5. 0 the exhibition expands to the 50th anniversary WeberHaus its pioneering role in the field of energy-efficient construction. Solar building is on everyone’s lips, but what distinguishes this keyword? Prerequisites are a solar architecture, umbrella – like, for example, a South-oriented and window front, on the other hand an efficient building envelope, a reduction of energy consumption for the heating with it brings. To meet these requirements, WeberHaus embeds window with a triple heat protection glazing in all its houses now and has improved again significantly also the roof structure. Thus, the strict criteria of the KfW are met for the Enegieeffizienzhaus 55. The exhibition generation5. 0 goes but still much further, it reduces energy consumption not only, it creates even solar gains: A thermal solar system with five tube collectors provide 6.315 kWh of energy, which corresponds to a coverage of approximately 60 per cent of the total heat demand. The system is complemented by a smart Buffer memory”.

The photovoltaic system with 60 modules and around 11 kilowatt-peak performance, which is mounted on the roof of the House produces approximately 10.850 kWh of electricity. In total solar and photovoltaic system produce 50 percent more energy than the House about for hot water and heating needs. The current surplus of approximately 6,000 kWh can be used for the household electricity and refueling an electric car or he will be fed into the grid. Of course, additional heating systems, such as Holzpelletheizungen or heat pumps can be integrated. The House presented by WeberHaus generation5. 0 is however consistently avoided additional techniques and used on the low-maintenance solar heating. Design meets future despite the Ionian architect alignment technology and energy have builders at generation5.

dispense 0 not on aesthetics and comfort. This is ensured by a modern interior design and the appealing facade, in which parts of the outer surface with colored facade panels are upgraded. It ensures special comfort optional available EnOcean – House technology that wirelessly controls lighting, blinds, heating and alarm system remotely. Welcome to the future! A highlight of the House is probably, the spacious Wellness Centre with sauna. Series WeberHaus is the House concept generation5. 0 as a series. The three house designs have a surface area of 129 to 181 square metres, that are distributed on two floors. Many floor plans cover the housing needs of the builders. “The generation5. 0 House 100 with 129 square feet of living space, expansion stage completely in the trim-line exclusive bath”, incl. heat-insulated base plate, offset pent roof and colored plaster facade is available from 156.950 euros. Detailed information about the Jubilaumshaus see construction prospects in each WeberHaus building forum. The locations of the building forums are listed at. Christel Baass