In the best cases, don’t do more than search for ignoring you, occupying my mind in thousand things or doing the same thing that other people make to not think of you life, to not think of you always. And in the worst cases, I intend to live resigned themselves to believing that I am not anyone in particular and that the only thing I have to do after birth, is to grow until I die then, as if this were the only sense of living you life than pathetic. Imagine this very moment to define what is my life really. Lord, this single was not product of an area of weakness where swept these notes of disappointment, which not was was when I wrote them. And have nothing to do with what really is my life. And so sure I am that this was only a passing moment in my life, that will now write them a new note, the way it spontaneous and inspired, in a manner such that deviate from that another note I wrote long ago back. To see, how serious? Ummm the life is beautiful.

Yes, bella is very beautiful. Ummm Uff that penalty. Apparently, is me It has become somewhat difficult to write it now. It will be better to do a review of the paragraphs in this article, and after rereading them, make a reflection of what really is my life and try later, another day perhaps. To see if I have better luck and come to my muse. Dear reader would ask you to excuse me, but it happens, that I am also human. Pedro Olmeta original Autor and source of the article