Operating Instructions Of A Side Channel Blower (part 6 Of A Series)

“Manual of a side channel compressor (part 6 of a series) operating instructions of a side channel blower (part 6 of a series) SKV technology writes in the article series operating instructions of a side channel blower” the Guide to the operation of a side channel blower. The present part of the article series treated the commissioning and operation of a side channel blower of the SKV technology. Shut-down or a longer standstill: Before shutting down or a long standstill proceed as follows: switch off the unit. In suction and pressure lines, if any, close shut-off device. Disconnect unit from the voltage source. Do pressure relief. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Sussman here. This slowly and carefully open pipes/hoses so that the under – or overpressure in the aggregate can dismantle.

Remove the pipes/hoses. Silencer on suction and pressure side fitted with plug. Caution: risk of corrosion due to accumulation of condensation in the motor area. For motors with closed condense water openings: Remove caps and, to possibly to drain accumulated water. Contact information is here: Professor Roy Taylor. Risk of bearing damage. Strong mechanical shocks must be avoided during operation and at a standstill.

Storage conditions: To avoid bearing standstill damage, the environment must be as follows: dry, dust-free, vibration-arm (Vrms? 2.8 mm/s 0.11 “/ sec), ambient temperature: max 40 C + 104 F. Caution: Risk of overheating during storage at high temperatures. When kept in an environment with a temperature above 40 c 104 F may occur to damage the windings, as well as to reduce the fatty change period. Lubrication of rolling bearings for long term storage: may the new aggregate is first stored after delivery. If in the time of delivery exceeds start-up following periods, the lubrication of rolling bearings must be replaced: under favourable storage conditions (as indicated above): 4 years at unfavourable storage conditions (E.g. high humidity, salty air, sand or dusty air): 2 years in these cases open bearing must be newly lubricated and closed rolling bearings completely renewed. To do this, demand for the services of (1) is absolutely necessary. Caution: Improper use of the unit can cause serious or even fatal injury! All maintenance work on the unit must basically be performed by service (1)! Maintenance work must perform only in the aggregate by the operator, if the maintenance instructions. Ask for the service! ATTENTION: Commissioning after a period of inactivity: before renewed start-up after a long standstill measure insulation resistance of the motor. At values? 1 k? per volt of rated voltage, the winding is dry. “In the next article of in this series a side channel blower manual” the reader learns more about the repair and troubleshooting and service for the side channel blowers.