But the physical evolution, biological, anthropological belies this entropic principle. The disorder is present in the health of all things, Suns and planets, systems open or closed, inanimate or living beings. But it is no longer a disorder of degradation or disruption. It is a constitutional disorder that is part d the physis of all physical being. Is part of the agenda and organization, but is not neither one nor the other.

According to e. Morin, the tetralogico loop Orden-Desorden – interaction-organization, is at the beginning of the Physis, that emerges through the cosmological games, and that is the immanent principle of transformations, organizations and desorganizaciones missing to physics. In the origin and the foundation of being solar, is the loop, i.e. all retroactive, producer and organizer of Yes (e. Morin).

The idea of loop is a dynamic idea of circuit and rotation, as occurring in the relationship individuo-especie – society, or like beings living whose shape is a multithreaded that is organized from multiple and various loops. The idea of loop means that living and human beings gives a circular game and not simply linear, such as it happens in the movement of air, hormones, blood circulation, each of them regenerates another and contributes in the development of the body, all this thanks to the power of recursion of living beings. Cycles and physical, chemical and biological chains, as well as the processes of matter/energy, life/death, in its constant movement, constitute the great pluribucle which is the same ecoorganizacion. Why there is not just an evolution, but also ascribed and regressions, a wall is prepended between us and your most intimate background. Beyond all this known cosmos exists an unknown proto-cosmos that is hidden from our eyes, just occurs k human film, the more we study it, less know it. And it is because the problem of both is the same. And science in his arrogance has properly recognize Kabbalistic and religious truths. In the universe there is a double game: a progress in the Organization and in the order, associated at the same time to a continuous process of degradation and dispersion. For this reason, there is not only progress but also, regressions, ascribed, disasters.