Overweight BMI

Nowadays, the problem of obesity care for more than 50% of the adult population of the earth. There are lots of various ways to lose weight. But there are also those who want to recruit him, as it is not surprising. Statistics says that only Every sixth person was satisfied with his body. Weight gain, as practice shows, it is much more complicated than it reset. And this little one says. The reasons for the lack of weight there are many, the main ones are: – Malnutrition – Wrong way of life and lack of rest – Parasites – Hormonal disorders – Inflammatory processes and diseases – disorders of functions pancreas or thyroid glands and digestive system – body type and another … Before I do anything, we need to clearly understand in what areas is the problem of lack of weight – health (you have a serious underweight) or aesthetic (you just do not like your looks or you want to improve it).

To do this, measure the body mass index (BMI), which determine the suitability of your weight to your height, and to assess Is weight inadequate. It is calculated by the formula BMI (measured in kg/m2) = body weight / weight in meters. Currently, the correspondence between the mass and the growth of man and his mass index is usually taken as follows: BMI 15 or less – Acute shortage weight BMI 15-20 – Inadequate (lack of) weight BMI 20-25 – Standard BMI 25-30 – Overweight BMI 30-35 and over – Obesity If your BMI says that your weight is less than acceptable standards – you time to the doctor, and not worth anything take yourself to find out why. If your problem is aesthetic, ie, your weight is within the rules, but their appearance does not satisfy you, and you just want to be physically attractive and developed Bole (oops), then your disposal three growth factors that allow anyone to gain weight, if properly complying with them.