Pandora ARC

ARC worldwide worked with TranslateMedia, to help its global advertising campaign for the film avatar McDonald s. “” James Cameron with Titanic “1997 economically most successful film of all time, surpassing with its 3D avatar spectacle” itself. The film was launched in December of last year in theaters and led millions of viewers on a fascinating journey to the planet of Pandora. ARC worldwide worked with TranslateMedia, McDonald’s help in its global marketing campaign for the film. The content of the online game by TranslateMedia was translated in numerous languages. Application include the McDonald’s overall package is equipped with so-called McDonald’s thrill cards “, which were available in the participating fast-food restaurants in the United States until early January 2010 and an augmented reality. The thrill card”is for the portal to three different locales of the fantasy world of Pandora.

The player gets access to the Hallelujah mountains, the rain forests of Pandora and the tree of souls. We were thrilled to bring our expertise in the localization of video game content and to assist in the translation of the game. Our professional translation teams with the employees of arc worldwide was voting to vote to achieve the best possible results, an exciting task. ARC support our translators within the guidelines of the game to remain. The fact that we could follow these guidelines, it was possible to vote the game on every target market”, commented Daniel Crawford, head of US production at TranslateMedia. TranslateMedia offers its rising number of customers from the gaming industry an optimal customized services, which enables the customer to distinguish, by they can speak the language of their user and thus expand their user base into new markets from their competition.