Partner Seminar

The traditional partnership workshop GK “StroySoft” has collected more than a hundred participants from different Russian cities and neighboring countries. Customers and partners of companies have come together on the Mediterranean coast to the informal and friendly environment to bring up the past year and agree development plans the near future. More information is housed here: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Company “Phone Systems”, through its employees Bukashina DA, Bukashina PA, Gubanov, A., Kozlova, J., DE Shalavin actively promoted among the participants communication platform Oktell, as a tool to improve the quality of corporate telephony. For even more analysis, hear from Daryl Katz. Through the use of VoIP technology platform Oktell can significantly improve the quality of telephone service, reduce costs and automate many of the telephony production processes and interactions. During the open sessions, which held the company’s specialists “Phone Systems”, everyone could learn about the functionality and Oktell, provide information on available implants, hearing first-hand perspective of development communication platform. Active participation in the seminar in 2010 took Partners LLC “Phone Systems”: the company “Alfa-Inform” (Yekaterinburg) – OV Agapov, “IP Kildyushov VA “(Astrakhan) – Kirillov, KV,” TelSvit “(Kiev) – Kramnisty AA Company’s customers using communications platform Oktell, sent to the workshop representatives.

Workshop participants are trained and certified on the knowledge Platform Oktell. Thus, many participants managed to combine a wonderful holiday on the Mediterranean coast with an increase in their knowledge of telecommunications. During the week, both in business and in the informal environment partners, customers and employees “Phone Systems” were able to establish lasting friendships with each other. There is nothing more valuable than the trust and understanding, a sense of belonging to a cohesive team associates, which was formed from all who participated in the seminar. The company ‘Telephone Systems’ seminars for clients and partners twice a year. If you wish to attend the next workshop Company “Phone Systems” please contact us at +7 495 921-15-86. Photos from the seminar.